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Why professional window cleaning is important to you?

Glass is one of the most popular materials used in modern architecture. While all this glass looks beautiful, many home and business owners do not realize that glass is an extremely porous substance that requires substantial maintenance to keep its sparkle and its protective qualities.

Often times, owners underestimate the amount of regular maintenance needed to maintain that pristine appearance.  Glass maintenance is important for aesthetic purposes, but, equally important, it is necessary to protect and enhance the value of your property.  Glass that is not regularly cleaned can often become stained; occasionally staining occurs even if the glass is maintained.  Staining left untreated, can turn to corrosion.  This in turn requires costly restoration or in many cases complete glass replacement.

This, combined with the fact that dirty windows are uninviting for home owners and unprofessional for business owners, is why having your windows cleaned regularly is the right choice.


SOFT-WASH roof cleaning is a modern method of roof cleaning versus the traditional HIGH PRESSURE roof cleaning method. SOFT WASH roof cleaning uses a very gentle, low pressure water rinse to completely clean the roof. This low pressure rinsing system, along with our eco-friendly stain removing products, ensures that we clean ALL the algae, lichens or moss under the edge of every shingle.
Our process does not leave behind any staining, nor does it damage the shingles like a high pressure rinse would. A spray on leave on product, or a system that claims to use no pressure does not use an efficient rinse system and just cannot COMPLETELY remove the algae, etc. There is no need to prematurely re-roof. Contact us today!!

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